Our seafood products are mainly produced in the Kyushu area, and we ship to our customers quickly ro ensure freshness

Blufin Tuna(Kuroimaguro)

Kuromaguro is recognized as the most expensive and delicious tuna in the world.

Basically Kuromaguro is sold through Tsukiji market in Tokyo, but we can get Kuromaguro directly from the farm, therefore we can offer very fresh Kuromaguro at reasonable pricing.

We use frozen bluefin tuna from Malta in the Mediterranean Sea for export.

* Separate supply can be considered if you need to refrigerate.

■Storing method

・Able to meet customer needs based on solid export performance.

・It is easy to handle and can be used in small quantities, resulting in less food loss.

・ Stable supply, constant quality can be kept for frozen.


Yellowtail (Hamachi)

Striped Jack (Shimaaji)

Madai (Japanese Red Sea Bream)

Amberjack (Kanpachi)

Oyster(Magaki, Iwagaki)


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